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  • WED-2000 Digital Ultrasonic Diagnostic SystemThe digital ultrasonic diagnostic system has a giant technology in the smallest and lightest ultrasound scanner with just 0.6 kg including the probe and internal lithium battery. It features smart design with sharp image, making it the ideal equipment for doctors or veterinaries. It comes with optional accessories like video printer and car charger.
  • WED-2000A Digital Ultrasonic Diagnostic SystemThe full digital ultrasound system is easy to operate with the GUI menu. It features low power consumption and it has probe automatic identification and full digital beam-forming. The gamma of the color can be corrected and real-time image can be transferred via USB. 2.0.

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Welld is a China-based palmsize ultrasonic diagnostic scanner manufacturer and supplier. We also offer full digital ultrasound system, trolley ultrasound scanner, veterinary ultrasound scanner, portable ultrasonic diagnostic scanner, and much more.

Other Products
  • WED-9618CII Full Digital Ultrasound SystemThe full digital ultrasound system has digital beamforming technology with probes automatic identification. It features rich images processing with automatic report generation and scanning angle and depth adjustable. Adoption of folded soft keyboard and trackball provides immediate, convenient and flexible operation.
  • WED-660 Full Digital Ultrasound System It has an injection moulding cover and the usage of non-industrial frequency transformer switching power supply, programmable parts and surface mounting technology (SMT) make the whole unit highly compact, small in volume and light in weight.
  • WED-2000AV Veterinary Ultrasound ScannerThis palm-size veterinary ultrasound scanner is enjoying a great success in the global market due to its innovative design. It has advantages such as accurate imaging and simple interface. It is just 0.8 kg weight, is compact and easy to carry.
  • WED-2000V Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner Its probe supports wide multi-frequency and it has unique waterproof design, suitable for severe environments.
    Operating with AC power and built-in lithium battery, it has also three different ways of charging. It counts with power save mode making the battery working longer time.