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This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

The veterinary ultrasound scanner has its probe-main unit integrated. It's a palmtop ultrasound scanning system with microcomputer control digital scanning converter, wide dynamic range and low noise pre-amplifier. I has other leading edge technology like logarithm compression, dynamic filter and edge enhance. The image comes clear, and stable with high resolution.

The veterinary ultrasound scanner provides two kinds of scanning mode as B mode and M mode to give the following functions: store, recall, real time display, freeze-display or magnified-display image, case number annotation, measurement of distance, heart rate, slope and time, measurement of gestational age of pigs, mares, cows, goats, cats and dogs with different methods.

Field programmable gate array (FPGA) and surface mounted technology (SMT) are applied in this veterinary ultrasound scanner, so the whole unit is small in volume and light in weight. It has a power supply combining the built-in lithium ion rechargeable battery and the regular dry battery and it also supports the power-save mode which is able to prolong the power supplying time. The instrument is designed for water-proof with injection moulding encase and palmtop structure to help the animal diagnosis.

Digital WED-M1V is the new contribution for veterinary medicine by WELLD recently. It combines transducer, display and power supply integrated in one compact sturdy housing. The total unit weights 500 g (including the battery) only. After using, it can be simply cleaned under running tap water. This veterinary ultrasound scanner features the last digital technology with two years warranty. It is waterproof (main unit, XP4, probe, XP7) and very simple to operate.

The veterinary ultrasound scanner is a good partner for veterinaries to make regular diagnosis and calculate GA of cats, dogs, pigs, sheep, horses and many other animals.

Standard Configuration of the Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner
Main unit with probe
AC-adapter (110/220V)
Two rechargeable batteries
One battery charging cable
One carrying bag
One bottle of ultra gel
One hand strap

Technical Specifications of the Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner

Monitor 3.5 inch TFT digital color LCD
Probe Multi-frequency mechanical sector probe
Scan frequency 2.5 MHz, 3.5 MHz, 5.0 MHz
Display Depth Maximum160 mm
Scan angle 78 degree
Gray scale 256 levels
Measurement Distance, area, volume, heart rate
TFT LCD 3.5 inches, color
OB Measurement Swine-HL, Equine, Bovine-BL, SL, HL, Sheep-USD, Cat-HD, BD, Dog-BD, GSD, CRL, HD, BD
Permanent Storage 128 frames
AC- adapter 110 V-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Battery (1550 mAh) built-in rechargeable battery, 3 hours lasting

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